Two-up at The Palace Hotel Broken Hill, generally you can catch a game from on Fridays from 9pm

Two-up at The Palace

Australia’s traditional gambling game of Two-up enjoys a unique association with Broken Hill. For a significant part of the 20th century an illegal Two-up school operated just metres off the main thoroughfare of Argent Street and when that was raided and shut down by police in 1984, City Council successfully applied for a permit to run the game

In 1992, Broken Hill City Council successfully lobbied the State Government and was granted a permit for Two-up to be played every day of the year. In handing down its decision, the NSW Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing recognised that Two-up was “an established part of the cultural heritage of this mining city”.

The palace Hotel holds the single licence issued to the city of Broken hill on behalf of the Broken Hill City Council.

The license allows the traditional game of Two-up to be played on any day…

Generally you can catch a game in the Palace on Fridays from 9pm

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